September 8

The second day of seminar was started by Ms. Joke van der Leeuw-Roord presenting the experience about projects from the Balkan region and previous Yugoslavia where history teachers from neighbouring countries were developing teaching materials together.
Then the presentations by the participants continued.

At the end of the second seminar day after all the groups had done their presentations, discussion groups took place. There were 3 main questions to discuss:

  1. What is the priority in history teaching- world history events or history of neighbours?
  2. How should we teach about the unacceptable regarding the neighbours?
  3. Is history without conflicts attractive?

Special discussion groups were organised for textbook authors and for teacher trainers.
Finally all the group leaders reported at the plenary on the conclusions of discussion.

At the end of seminar the final evaluation was done by expert Ms. Joke van der Leeuw- Roord and general conclusion from participants was that the seminar was very useful and on a high intellectual level. All the participants expressed their wish to continue the work and to find possibilities for common projects in future. Danish colleagues will try to organise the next project.

In the afternoon the participants of seminar had two options- an organised excursion to the city centre to see Medieval and art nouveau Riga or free time in the city, but in the evening there was a farewell dinner at Lido Recreation Centre.