Iceland - Guidelines

  1. Settlement of Iceland: The country was settled in the 9th Century during the viking era. The main area of interest are probably the peculiar system of government (without king and any sort of executive power), the Al?ingi (one of the oldest parliaments in Europe) and Iceland's loss of independence in 1262.
  2. The Icelandic sagas. (The country´s most important [or single?] contribution to European culture).
  3. Danish colonial era and peaceful struggle for independence. (Iceland´s 600 years of foreign [mostly Danish] rule and especially it´s peaceful struggle for independence is probably unique, both from the standpoint of ruler and ruled).
  4. New society – 20th Century – From poverty to richness. (Iceland´s "industrialization" [e.g. the introduction of trawlers] early in the 20th century, along with other factors, gradually changed one of the poorest societies in Europe into one of the prosperous, as recently confirmed by the UN Human Development Report).